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Final Bottom


The Final Bottom


I’ve experienced many “bottoms” here on earth—

A life drowning in alcohol and drugs has little worth.

I’ve caused pain and suffering to many a friend and foe;

It is true—many times I have reaped what I did sow.



During one of my bottoms, I was visited by the Black and White;

I was lost and beaten—in me was left no fight.

The next day, a long drive down the “River Road,”

For weeks to come, this treatment center was my humble abode.



This place gave me hope, a new way of life.

They proclaimed I could make my own god, with no concern or strife.

This will be my journey, my path; it feels right for me.

You can make up a different god; it’s okay. Everyone’s right, you see.



It became evident one day I was guilty before God no matter what I tried.

My path was void of truth: ’twas only through God’s free grace I could be justified.

My sin was filthy dirty in the sight of a holy God.

I could not justify one sin: I just sat in agreement, with a nod.



AA taught me to choose my own conception of God,

And so I did—and it was a fraud.

I finally understood there is wrong and right.

It starts with God’s Word, which comes down from the Father of Light.



Although you may be content with your AA path,

If it’s steeped in idolatry, the Bible warns of God’s Wrath.

Like an earthly judge punishes criminals in jail,

The Judge of the universe must punish those without Christ—in hell.



Look into the mirror of God’s law today,

To see the debt you can’t possibly repay.

Ever lied, stolen, lusted after a person, or blasphemed God’s name?

If so, then what you bear is rightful blame.



God’s Word is truth; He cannot lie,

We are born into sin, so we all must die.

There is only one path, Christ Jesus is His name.

He knew no sin, yet God’s cup of wrath, on His only Son, it came.



Every one of us is guilty, yet Jesus Christ bore our sin;

On that cross, He suffered and died, for both women and men.

Death could not hold Him. The third day He rose

From out of the grave, to save all He has chosen.



If you are reading this, it’s not too late:

Repent and trust the Savior—do not wait!

Turn away from your “higher power,” the god you created;

It doesn’t really exist, because you made it!



Praying to nature, the AA group, or a god of your own understanding

Is useless and futile; those prayers won’t reach past the ceiling.

Waiting to get right with the God of the Bible, you simply cannot afford;

Do it today, my friend. Make sure on that final day you’re not crying out, “Lord, Lord.”



Satan is a roaring lion seeking someone to devour.

You must resist him, when firm in your faith, for each and every hour.

So the task at hand is to examine yourself to see if you’re in the faith.

Do not put it off until tomorrow: do it today!



Be sure you are not without Christ, the sinless Lamb;

An AA “higher-power” leaves you failing your final exam.

The gospel of Christ, this is the power of God unto salvation.

There are heresies in AA; I hope you continue with your examination.



If God has brought you to repentance, He can surely save you.

He will give you a new heart, with new desires too.

Old things will fall away; all things will become new.

What are you waiting for? The Bible says this is true.



I pray that the “law of God” has done its deed,

Softening your heart. Oh God, how I plead

So that the gospel of Christ may enter in,

As God brings you to repentance and faith in Him!

David L. Simmons