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Death! (1969 – 2004)                                  Life! (2004 – present

                                                                          & beyond)



David Simmons was once hopelessly addicted to alcohol and drugs. Aggressively hating God, his life mirrored a runaway freight train.  But entering a Treatment Center in 1995 saw the beginning of continuous sobriety/recovery through Alcoholics Anonymous. With genuine zeal he shared this new-found A.A. philosophy, telling his “story” at meetings, Treatment Centers, and CCA (jail), meanwhile participating in over 1,900 A.A. meetings, starting new outreaches, and even managing a “Halfway House.”


Equally as the fringe areas of his life were righting themselves, his alcohol/drug addiction also seemed finally under control. Yet he still had an eternal situation – before the God of the Bible – that had never been dealt with.  In 2004, something profound occurred which changed his entire world view. Now his passion is telling the sequel to his story.