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ADDICTIONS  - Are primarily a WORSHIP problem. Believers and non-believers are going to worship something! Either the True God of the Bible or a False god/self. (Onlyt true believers can worship the True God of the Bible). We worship what we love, day after day. If I love cookies/talcum powder or cocaine, more than Christ - my devotion to these items will increase as my love for Christ will decrease. So, How do I begin to worship the best thing available?  First and foremost - I must be: a true believer/converted/regenerated/a Christian/justified/born-again. This transformation takes place through the gospel of Christ. The gospel is the “…power of God unto salvation” (Rom. 1:16). By Grace Alone, through Faith Alone, IN Christ Alone. As a true believer:  I must feed on the Word daily, (Truth is the wellspring by which ALL genuine worship flows), fellowship with other believers, get fed on the Word through biblical preaching, prayer, humble obedience to the Word by the Spirit, following the Lord, being transformed by the renewing of my mind through the Word, preach the gospel of Christ to myself – daily.  As a true believer, this will feed my love for Christ and by the Spirit of God I will grow in my progressive sanctification. Therefore, this will minimize my love for feeding the flesh/sin=cookies/ alcohol/ drugs/ lust...etc.  A greater love for Christ will begin to PUSH OUT the lesser loves of my sinful flesh/spiritual heart! This is true for ANY Addictions! Gal. 5:19-21, Eph. 2:3-5, 1 Cor. 6:9,10, Mark 8:36, Ezekiel 36:26, 2 Cor. 5:17. 

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(Charles Spurgeon, "Flowers from a Puritan's Garden" 1883)

"Not only do great sins ruin the soul, but lesser sins will do the same. Dallying with temptation, leads to sad consequences."

A small dagger thrust into the heart, will give as deadly a wound as a huge two-handed sword. Just so, a little sin unrepented of, will be as fatal as living in gross transgressions.
Death can hide in a drop, and ride in a breath of air. Just so, our greatest dangers lie hidden in little things. The least sin may be a very Pandemonium in your heart. It may conceal a host of evils, and a numerous hive of mischiefs, each one storing great harm.

Believer, beware of little sins. Watch and pray, lest you fall by little by little.

Lord, save me from sins which call themselves little!

(William Nicholson, 1862)

Growth in faith will be manifested by increasing deadness to the world. The more faith discovers of the beauty and glory of the Savior, [Jesus Christ] and the splendors of that heavenly country to which the Christian is bound--the more worthless will this world appear!

"Everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith!" 1 John 5:4

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  1. Be done with excellence.
  2. Be passionate.
  3. Lift up the Truths of the Gospel.
  4. Be God centered.
  5. Be orderly.
  6. Prepare believers to hear the preaching/teaching of God's Word.
  7. Biblically centered music.
  8. Promate a high view of God and His Word.
  9. Stimulate unity with The Church - (body of believers).