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A.A. False gospel message

Christian: Endorsement [by participation or being indifferent] to ANY 12 step program, [including ALL so-called “christian” recovery 12 step programs] is fruit of being disfigured by conformity to the world. (perhaps unwittingly). A.A. meetings that are allowed to cross the threshold of the Church premises is an invitation to Heresy. Heresy is never tolerated or welcomed in God’s Word. (Mt. 7:15, Rom.16:17, 2 Co 11:13,14 Gal. 3:1,2; 2 Ti 4:3,4; 2 Pe 1-3).

"Nothing worse can happen to a church, than to be conformed to this world! Those who would be transfigured by Jesus, must not be disfigured by conformity to the world." Charles Spurgeon

Alcoholics Anonymous DOES have a SALVATION message (another gospel, false gospel, forgiveness without Christ).

[Choose ANY god – idolatry]

“You can, if you wish, make AA itself your higher power.” A.A.12x12, page 27.

“Choose your own conception of god.” A.A. Big-book, pages 12, 46, 47.

[Make yourself READY to receive Grace – ‘works’]

“We really hadn’t cleaned house so that the grace of God could enter us.” 12x12, page 32.

“He has made himself ready to receive it.” 12x12, page 107.

[Promise of eternal security – forgiveness without Christ]

“God’s kingdom … we will be assured that our own destiny in that realm will be secure.” 12x12, page 98.

“All will be well with us, here, and hereafter.” 12x12, page 105.

“We were reborn.” BB, page 63. 

[Warning: Idolatry alone, by ‘works’ alone, equals another gospel/Heresy].

“Truth doesn’t defeat error by waging a public relations campaign.

The struggle between truth and error is spiritual warfare, and truth has no way to defeat falsehood except by exposing and refuting lies and false teaching. That calls for candor and clarity, boldness and precision—and sometimes more severity than congeniality.”[iii]

[iii] John MacArthur, The Jesus You Can’t Ignore: What you must Learn from the Bold Confrontations of Christ (Tennessee: Thomas Nelson, 2008), p. 70.